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- Welcome to MILLION MADE -
We are Million Made, a London-based streetwear brand. At Million Made, we believe you have the potential to upscale your life and live according to your wildest dreams, and your clothes should reflect this.
As a family run business, we know what it means to work hard and keep
hustling. We’re three brothers who share three things in common: our M initial, our dedication to making Million Made the baddest brand on London streets, and our mission to encourage you to keep grinding towards the successes you’re destined for.
No matter who you are, where you come from or what you have, you have the potential to be million made.
The Million Made journey began with hats. And so, we felt right to use these as our logo. We knew our people, people like you, needed an accessory that would show the world your greatness, and hats were the perfect fit. When you put a Million Made hat on, you’ve got your crown.
As we expanded the brand, we decided to add our Million Made crown to all our clothing, so no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll feel like a king.  Fashion is more than clothes and aesthetic, it tells the world who you are and what you’re here to do. Million Made clothing makes you feel confident and cool whilst keeping you casual and classy. It tells people you’re here to work hard, but you’re going to look suave while doing it. You don’t care what others are doing, because you’re too busy building your life, creating big changes and becoming million made. Does this sound like you? If you’re ready to face challenges, keep pushing, make money and live a life your Insta followers will obsess
over, you’re one of us. And we want to help you become Million Made.
The first step on your one in a million journey? Check out our killer streetwear collection and follow us on Instagram. It’s time to connect with other kings.